20 Years Experience In This Field


  • Animal Feed

    Animal Feed

    Rotary valve is widely used on the equipment like dusters, electronic scales and expanding machines which are in the process of forage production such as preparation, treatment, smashing, mixing, tempering, expanding, packing and storage of raw materials. We provide rota...
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  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    We design and manufacture chemical rotary valve according to the characteristics of inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive materials discharged by chemical plant. In chemical production, the medium usually has high pressure and temperature. According to the characte...
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  • Food


    With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for food safety, we have carried out deep research and development in various food factories. And we design and produce products on the basis of National Food Safety Standards and General Hygienic Standard for Food...
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  • Grain


    We provide one-stop service of grain project for clients such as the systematic services including design, installation, adjustment and acceptance. And we specially arrange rice, flour and oil engineers to study on the application characteristics of rotary valve in vario...
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  • Medicine


    Pharmaceutical machinery and equipment play a vital role in the production process, and as a discharge, the role of rotary valve in closing air, conveying materials is also important in major pharmaceutical factories. Starting from the material, process, structure and EH...
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  • Mineral industry

    Mineral industry

    Minerals such as cement, lime, sand ash, alunite usually have the characteristics of rough and high hardness. When rotary valve is used to transport all kinds of mineral materials, it puts forward higher requirements for mechanical equipment strength and wear resistance....
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