20 Years Experience In This Field

Company History


Sichuan Zili Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Sichuan Province, was founded in 2002. It is a professional manufacturer that specializes in designing, producing and distributing high-quality TGF series rotary airlock valves and TXF 2-way diverter valves used in powder and granules pneumatic conveying systems.
We have our own R & D team. For years, based on our own research and development, we absorbed good technologies in this area both domestically and abroad. Now our products quality has improved a lot. Especially the external bearing rotary airlock valve, and the 3rd generation diverter valves We completely ended the phenomenon of channeling powder, blocking, and stuck. And product quality has reached a new height

  • -2002-

    ·In 2002, our company founded and called Sichuan Ziyang Zili Grain And Oil Machinery Co., Ltd, we started the development and production of rotary valve and two-way diverter valves..

  • -2003-

    ·In 2003, we won 3 order contracts from 3 large flour production enterprises in China, and achieved a sales amount of 1.2 million RMB. Breaking the status that most grain and oil companies importing airlocks and diverter valve products from abroad..

  • -2004-

    ·In 2004, our rotary valve achieved a major breakthrough that using external bearing to solve the problem of powder leaking that has troubled domestic counterparts for many years. In 2004, we achieved sales amount of 4 million RMB..

  • -2005-

    ·在2005年,我们取得了销售amount of 6 million RMB..

  • -2006-

    ·In 2006, we expanded production capacity and got sales of 12 million RMB..

  • -2008-

    ·In 2008, we continue to expand production. And we gradually opened up overseas markets, sold our products to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries via export companies. In June of the same year, we got feedback from customers there were problems with the product. Our leaders paid great attention and urgently recalled 300 sets of products that had been shipped out and replaced them with new products for customers. We firmly believe that customer first, quality first..

  • -2010-

    ·In 2010, We continued to expand production capacity, started to build our own industrial plant, and developed SF oil-free self-lubricating sealing materials. And signed cooperation contracts with domestic Yihai Kerry Group and COFCO. At that time, our products are in short supply and achieved sales amount of 18 million RMB. .

  • -2012-

    ·In 2012, the construction of our own industrial plant was completed, and we achieved 26 million RMB sales amount..

  • -2013-

    ·In 2013, we increased investment in R&D and operations, continuously updated our products, obtained the first batch of national technological reform support funds, established a CNC production line, and further improved the quality and accuracy of its products. In the same year, 32 million yuan was sold for the rotary valve device and two-way diverter valve..

  • -2014-

    ·In 2014, our innovative products obtained the national utility model patent certificate, passed the national high-tech enterprise review, and obtained the first government scientific and technological innovation project funds. In 2014, the company achieved a sales income of 36 million RMB..

  • -2017-

    ·In 2017, we were successfully listed on the Tianfu (Sichuan) Joint Equity Exchange Center Technology Finance Board. In July, we obtained the export operation license qualification and passed the national high-tech enterprise review. And achieved sales of 38 million RMB..

  • -2018-

    ·In 2018, we obtained CE certification and established the International Trade Department. our business was officially expanded to the European and American markets and achieved remarkable results. Achieved 50 million RMB sales amount..

  • -2019-

    ·在2019年,我们改变了我们的company name to Sichuan Zili Machinery Co.,ltd and achieved the sales amount of 56 million RMB..

  • -2020-

    ·In 2020, we established our new five-year plan: based on the research and development and sales of existing rotary airlock and two-way diverter valve products, the business scope has gradually expanded to provide customers with powder and particulate pneumatic conveying engineering design..