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Anti-sticking air shutter 2020.06.01_00

2020 a new type of air shutter impeller

2020 Appearance Design: End Cover for Air Shuttle

2020 appearance design: shell for air shutter

2020 Appearance Design: Blocked Rotor for Air Closer

2020 a kind of back plate type air shutter

2020 an electric two-way valve

2020 A kind of electric two-way valve and geared motor connection mechanism

2020 Observation piece of feed product of a kind of air shutter

2020 a kind of cross-shaft connected wind turbine

2020 A large unloader for wharf

2020 A pneumatic double-way valve cylinder stroke housing

2020 a two-way valve spool

2020多个密封结构unloader shaft end

2020 a new type of air shutter end cover