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NEW COMING Zili Fast clean rotary airlock valve !

Zili New fast clean rotary airlock valve, this type of rotary airlock valves use 4 spring buckles instead of screws, which enable users to disassembly much more easier and faster. And What is more, each spring buckle can provide around pounds of pressure. Can completely replace bolts and screws.


Two sliding rails are designed on both sides of the rotary valve, the structure is more stable, the surface of the sliding rail is mirror-finished, very smooth, and it is easy to pull out and close.

The inside of the fast clean rotary valve can do mirror treatment, which will make the inner part of the rotary valve very smooth, and easy to clean. And The vane of the rotor can be chamfered. This kind of rotary valve has high machining accuracy, and the gap between the rotary valve housing and the rotor does not exceed 0.1 mm.

We have DN series (DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400) and square series for this type of fast clean rotary airlock valve. These rotary valves are widely used in the sugar making industries, chemical industries, vegetable seeds oil processing plant.

Zili Machienry Fast clean rotary valve – YouTube

Post time: Aug-11-2022