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What Are Zili Machinery’s Rotary Airlock Valves used for ?

What Are Zili Machinery’sRotary Airlock Valves用来做什么的?
Sichuan Zili Machinery Co., Ltd, is a manufacturer of rotary airlock valves, and we has been in this field since the foundation in 2002.

旋转阀佛r industrial manufacturing are often used in bulk material handling, dust collection or pneumatic conveying systems. And our rotary airlock valve products are widely used in grain and food production factories, pneumatic conveying systems.

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Depending on the application. Rotary airlock valves are used to regulate the flow of a product or material by maintaining a consistent flow rate suited to the process. Controlling the flow of material helps to prevent issues such as jamming, material leakage and damage to the rotary airlock valve itself. Typical applications are for feeding a weighed hopper or for feeding a mill that can be clogged by the product.

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Rotary airlock Valves, also called rotary feeder valves, are part of the material exchange process and work in metering or feeding applications, function as rotary airlocks, or provide a combination of airlock and metering functions.

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A rotary airlock valve in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry is used to dose and feed solid bulk products within the processes. Some rotary airlock valves are also commonly used in construction, plastics, recycling, agriculture and forestry, or wherever material needs to be safely and efficiently conveyed from one point to another.

An airlock-type rotary valve receives and dispenses material from two chambers with different pressure levels. They seal air flow between the valve’s inlet and outlet to maintain a consistent pressure differential, which promotes efficient material flow. The valve’s pressurized chamber prevents foreign material from infiltrating the housing and keeps conveyed material from escaping the system.

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