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Stainless Steel Blow Through Rotary Feeder Valve Featured Image
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Short Description:

Product Name: Stainless Steel Blow Through Rotary Airlock Valve

Usage : Positive pressure pneumatic conveying system

Material: Stainless steel 304 and 316 available

Product Detail

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Product Details

·Applicable Field:food, feed,mining, chemical industry or field

·Applicable Material:powder, particles, broken materials, etc.

·Function:Receiving, discharging materials by pneumatic conveying and ensuring the stability of pressure of air network system

·Performance characteristics:arc through type, NJ type separable bearing, spiral air-sealed structure, flow-guiding rotor, avoiding dead angle in the flow channel, reducing discharge resistance, and increasing discharge

·Patent No.: 201420033836.7

Product Description

ZILI stainless steel blow through rotary airlock valve, adopting straight-through design and implicit pressurization design, the wind resistance is small, and it is more suitable for materials with large friction coefficient. The sealing form can be selected according to the user's use environment. The U-shaped rotor is adopted, and the material is not easy to deposit on the rotor.

blow-through rotary valves don’t have an outlet flange on the bottom side like a drop-through. The bottom of the housing bore is either smooth or has a trough, which is where the pneumatic conveying line connects and runs through the bottom of the valve. Material feeds into the inlet like a drop-through, but as the rotor passes material to the underside of the valve it’s “blown” directly out of the rotor pockets into the conveying line downstream.


Stainless Steel Blow-through valves are food grade ideal for more cohesive or sticky powders like cocoa, flour, or milk powders. These powders may compact and stick to the inside of the rotor vanes. In a blow-through rotary valve, discharge is optimized by blowing these easily compacted powders out of the rotor pockets, which helps keep the rotor clear of buildup. Another advantage of blow-through rotary valves is their low profile. Compared to a drop-through valve of similar size, the blow-through systems’ conveying line runs much closer to the valve centerline allowing it to take up much less height. This makes blow-through rotary valves a good choice for low-clearance installations where a drop-through may not fit.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is your production and delivery time ?
A: It depends on which type of product you need and the quantity, usually for our ordinary type, under 10 sets, the products can be ready in about 20 days. For customized products, the deliver time will be around 40 days.

Q:We have a project that needs a pneumatic system, could you company do the design and other parts of the system ?
A: Yes, that is available for us. We have 20 years of experience in the rotary valve and two-way diverter valve industry. Very familiar with pneumatic conveying. There are also many companies that cooperate with us to provide customers with other supporting facilities. In other words, customers only need to provide them to their demands, and we can provide design solutions to make all supporting facilities such as pipes, roots blowers, and dust collectors except for rotary valves.

Q: Can you list some of the corporate customers you cooperate with ?
A: Yes, we are We are well-known in the domestic air shutter and two-way valve industries. The companies we cooperate with are beneficial to Yi Kerry, COFCO and so on.

Q: How about your after sales service ?
我们提供一年保修,如果有失败ure during the warranty period, we will send out the faulty accessories free of charge and guide customers to install them online. If the fault is serious, we can replace the new equipment.

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